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The best of card-based duels and board games


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Scrolls is a game that combines the best of trading card games (TCGs) with the best of board games. The result is a unique title in which players can battle others from around the world in duels where good strategy will always prevail.

Gameplay on Scrolls is an interesting hybrid where players control a hand of cards that are played on a board. The aim of each duel is to destroy your opponent's totems (located at the end of the board), which will require you to play the various creatures you might have in your hand.

Each turn, players can sacrifice a card either to get an additional point of mana (used to play the cards), or to draw two new ones. These options have both benefits and drawbacks, so you'll need to consider them carefully before acting.

In Scrolls there are over 350 different cards (well, scrolls, actually), each with its own design and representation on the board, and, of course, its own attributes. Some cards let you summon creatures and others cast spells to power up your game.

Scrolls is an excellent and very polished game where the hand of Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) is quite notable. The card-based duels are quite dynamic and fun, and you can even play online against other players or enjoy challenges and single-player missions.